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ASTM Multi Level Carpet
Product Description

Construstion Type: tufted;

Gage: 5/32 in. (3.97 mm);

Stitches: 6.5/in. (2.56/cm);

Pile height: 9/16 in. (14.29 mm);

Pile fiber: filament nylon Allies Chemical Type 1225 denier, 0.75 turns per inch (37041);

Yarn Ply: 2 ply;

Face weight: 25.7 oz/yd2 (871 g/m2) +/- 6% variance in order to maintain the specified stitching and pile height;

Finish: pure--no type of finish shall be applied to the yarn or carpet;


Reference only:

Backing material:

Parimary: polypropylene, 3 1/2 oz/yd2 (118.7 g/m2);

Secondary: jute, 7 oz/yd2 (237.3 g/m2);

Back coating: latex, 24 oz/yd2 (814 g/m2);

Finished weight: 60.5 oz/yd2 (1715 g/m2)

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