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270 Mesh Crushed Quartz QC/T 32(2006) & JB/T 9747(2005)
Product Description

Below table is the particle size distribution for the BF2 Silica test dust (also called 270 mesh crushed quartz):

Particle Size
Maximum volume %,
(by Laser diffraction method);

Maximum volume %,
(by Sedimentation method);

0~5 9±3 5±2
>5~10 16±3 22±3
>10~20 30±3 38±3
>20~40 31±3 29±3
>40~75 12±2 6±2
>75 / /


The chemical components for this product:

Chemical components Mass percentage %
SiO2 98.5~99.5
Al2O3 0~1
FeO 0~1
NaO 0~1
CaO 0~1
MgO 0~1
TiO 0~1
KO 0~1
burning lost (1050℃) 0.1~1


According to the Chiense customers inquiry, as the world leading manufacturer who has over 35 years experience for testing grade dust manufacturing, PTI has plenty of experienes, we made this 270 mesh crushed quartz according to related specifications, it complies to the QC/T 32(2006) and the JB/T 9474 (2005);

As we are the world leading dust supplier for ISO grade test dust (ISO 12103-2), for the product repeatability and the consistency, we keep the same level as for ISO test dust.

Not: QC/T means the recommended speficaition for the automotive industry; JB/T means the recommended specification for the mechnical industry;

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